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Not a hotel bed. A flat bed, in all senses of the word. Don’t you just love the metal bars? I want to wrap them — and me — in leather and metal. Turn down the lights. See who shows up.


I just found this fantastic review by Ashley Lister of Do Not Disturb (an erotic hotel collection edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel) on Erotica Revealed. Ashley is a funny, talented writer in his own right — which is reason enough to go read the review here. But he also has nice things to say about the book as a whole and about stories in particular. Mine gets a short plug as well, which just (as they say here in Scotland), chuffs me. Which, despite the fact that I always think it sounds like an ‘angry’ word, actually means that it makes me happy, gleeful, filled with delight:

In “Talking Dirty,” Shanna Germain’s characters use their hotel room as an escape from reality – or maybe an escape from unreality.  Whichever the reader decides it might be, the overall verdict will be that this story excels as a sympathetic and poignantly rendered tribute to deviance and dysfunction.

That’s pretty awesome. This is the story of the woman with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and how hotel sex is one of the ways that she and her husband can still connect. So to hear that it’s a tribute to those things makes me a happy, happy girl.

Chuffed, I tell you. Chuffed.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.