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I’ve been in a flurry of submission. No, sadly, not that kind. Although I have been thinking of it, to tell the truth: leather and fabric, strong fingers pulling knots tight, a snarled command, a hand fisted in my hair…

Oh, sorry, I got distracted there, didn’t I? I’ll blame it on Alison and Sommer and Kirsten. Like I always do.

But, truly I mean the other kind of submission: sending stories and poems out into cyberspace, waiting to see if someone will adopt them, give them an editorial bath and a temporary home. I’ve gotten about half a dozen stories out there this week, which is a feeling that I love. Knowing they’re out there, and that a no (or, ideally, a yes) could come back via email any day.

And, as though Karma is alive and well and feeling in need of a good petting, she sidled up to me in her pretty red dress and gave me two pieces of good news:

  • First off, I got a yes for my almost-sex story, “Emergency Exit.” It’s going to come out in an anthology later this year. I’m not sure I can crow about all the details yet, because I just signed the contract and sent it off, but I’m really excited about this piece and this publisher, and I promise to tell you more as soon as the gag… er, gag order’s … been removed. For now, I’ll just be leaning out my window, doing the Etcha-a-Sketch dance (Dance moves courtesy of the ever-sexy Neve Black.)
  • The second yes is for my poem, “The Accountant Gets Dressed,” which has been accepted for the Gains and Losses edition of Switched-on Gutenberg, a very cool global poetry journal. The draft of poem was written as part of a project: every coffee event, a group of us poets/coffee freaks would write a poem based on the topic that someone picked. We had to complete it by the end of the event (usually two or three days) and then share them all after. I can’t remember what the topic was for this particular poem–something about numbers, I’d guess. But either way, thanks to Terry, Mike, Phil and Chris for the inspiration on this one! And I’ll let you know as soon as it goes to press.

That’s all the good news can handle in one day, I think. Otherwise, my head might explode. And as full as it is with story ideas and sex at the moment, that might not be a pretty sight.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“Yes, it’s hard to write, but it’s harder not to.” ~Carl Van Doren