I don’t usually cross-post between here and my travel blog, but since yesterday’s post was on writing and the monkey mind, I thought I’d share it over here as well. I’m not sure how many readers criss-cross between both blogs, and I didn’t want the writer-folk to miss out, since I’m guessing many of you have come up with some sort of similar process to help with your writing:

Having settled, finally, after so much moving on, this is now my daily routine: I rise and walk. Sometimes it’s nice out. More often than not, it pours on me. Sometimes I make it a couple of miles, and sometimes the rain chases me back to the flat before I can get ’round the block. Then, I make coffee and I write. If it goes well, I get a couple of good solid hours in. If it goes poorly, I pick up a book or six, I find something to eat, I type a few words, I go and open the tiny fridge again even though I’m not hungry and I already know what’s in it. After the writing, I take care of things. Which could be anything from laundry to the library to shopping to answering emails. I go home and I write some more. There’s dinner to be cooked, something juicy to read, and then sleep.

For me, the hardest parts of being on the go were losing the walking and the writing. I know that they go hand-in-hand, and yet sometimes I forget.

But while I was out traipsing by the seaside this morning, I remembered why there’s the connection: Walking eases my monkey mind…

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Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“Being a poet is one of the unhealthier jobs–no regular hours, so many temptations!” ~Elizabeth Bishop