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WANTED: Writer with ruler, deadlines, heavy hand and good penmanship. Ability to wear a dunce cap while eating apples a must…

No, I’m kidding of course. But there is something I want. Here’s what it is: For a while now, I’ve had an amazing and great first reader. She’s still my first reader. Fantastic. Phenomenal. She’s helped my writing more than I’d like to admit, except that I will admit it, if just to praise her skills. But she’s got some other things on her plate at the moment, and I don’t want to inundate her.

So, I’m looking for a first reader to add to my… for some reason I’m tempted to say “stable of first readers,” although I have no idea why…


Anywhere, here’s what I’d be looking for:

  • You don’t have to be a great writer, but you should be a solid critter. I have very thick skin, and I really just need someone to give my near-final drafts a heavy-handed once over for plot, language, character and other issues before I submit them. You don’t need to stroke my ego. Just tell me what works, what doesn’t and what’s confusing. In return, I’d be able to give you whatever kind of crit you’d like — I have lots of experience as an editor, and can do anything from large plot problems to small word issues.
  • I’m fairly prolific, so I’d like to be able to exchange a couple of stories each week with a couple of days as turn-around time.
  • My work ranges from near-stroke to very literary, poetic pieces about sexuality. I mainly do short stories, but would love someone who’s also willing to trade novellas/novel chapters as well. (Bonus points if you can crit things other than erotica, as I write horror/sci-fi as well!)
  • You should: As I mentioned, be able to crit. Be able to take criticism. Be fairly prolific (mainly so I don’t feel bad sending you a couple of pieces to read every week). Be willing to turn stories around in a couple of days, for the most part. Be … I was gonna’ say sexy, but that’s all relative, so I’ll say ‘nice’ instead 🙂

If you’re seriously interested, please drop me a line at shanna.germain@gmail.com and we can talk some more about what you would want and need and see if we can help each other out!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



Stable hand anyone?