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Speaking of play…

The gorgeous and talented Alison Tyler has posted a bit of my short story, “Good Kitty,” for your reading pleasure (I hope!) as part of her cool new series on fetishes.

I don’t actually know what this fetish is called, to be honest. I do know that Puppy Play is popular, as is Horse Play (I looked for a link on horse play, but all I came up with via Google were lots of women playing around with barnyard animals, but that’s not quite what I was looking for.)

But Pussy Play? Maybe I did just make it up, but I doubt it. Do you know the proper term? If so, hop on over to Alison’s and share your knowledge with us, please!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


Milk, bowl, girl: How can you go wrong? Posted for ER, of course.


My neighbor stole my kitty
But I did see
I said to my neighbor set my pussy free
Free pussy
Sore, wet, hot, bad free pussy
Just a friendly little cat
Here kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty.

~From “The Pussy Cat Song,” Connie Vannett