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Just ran across a review of Island Girls: Tropical Lesbian Erotica, over at Hot Movies for Her. The reviewer had some nice things to say about the book, and talks about the joy of discovering new authors, including this little bit here:

One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that I wasn’t familiar with a number of the writers. It sometimes seems like I’m reading the same erotica authors over and over again, which is fine when they’re good, but I really loved the chance to read some fresh (possibly new) voices.

One of those exciting authors that is new to me, despite a relatively impressive list of credits, is Shanna Germain. Her story Via dell’Amore focused on two of my passions: women and wine. It tells the story of a woman vacationing alone in Italy, that gets more than she bargained for when a wine tasting turns into much more. It’s a beautifully written story that will be enjoyed by anyone who can appreciate the subtle complexities of fine wine and seduction.

Pretty neat, huh? It’s the kind of review that makes me bouncy (and, eradicates, at least temporarily so much of the trauma that follows rejections.)

It got me thinking about all those authors out there who are doing great work, but that I’ve never heard of. Who are your under-the-radar faves? I have authors like Cat Rambo, Tim Pratt, Sage Cohen, Amy Bloom… but then I realized many of these authors are now making their way to the top of the charts and are no longer so unknown. Share your own, please … I’d love to discover some new authors!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.