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I’m sure I have at least one more post with this title, but it seemed appropriate. I am submitting my ass off. Just as importantly, I am working my ass off. Writing and writing and writing. Some of it’s bad. Actually, a lot of it’s total shit. But one or two good  stories, a near-perfect phrase here or there, a character that hits the page just right — these are the moments that I live and lust for. And if pushing my way through all the crap stories gets me there, then so be it.

I’ve got a lot of stories and poems out, and I’m working on more. Erotica, of course. Horror and sci-fi. A few literary pieces. An essay or two. I’m still in the thinking/mulling/”this is the dumbest idea ever” phase for the new novel.

Slowly, bit by bit, things are turning. I’m settling into my pace and place here on my little isle. I’m finding the words I need, the ones that keep me both afloat and alive. And I’m scribbling them as best as I can, tucking them carefully into bottles, then flinging my arm back and letting them fly out to that great blue sea.

Here’s hoping they wash up on some kind and sunshiney shore.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Absolutely sublime submission images from S-u-b-l-i-m-e.


“The true man wants two things: danger & play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche