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Yes, I have submission on the brain. I really and truly do. And now I want your help with it…

See, I’m going to throw a submission orgy at my place and I need a couple of big, strong men to–

Damn, I wish that was true.

No, the truth is that I’m planning out which stories to submit to the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. I submitted a piece a few years back, and it was included in the book, which seriously curled my little toes so hard I nearly squealed. So I thought I’d try again this year, just to see what happens.

The trick is, I’m having trouble choosing. I think, “Oh, yes, I liked that one.” And then I’ll second-guess myself out of sending it, because I’ll find some flaw or thing I hated. So I decided to throw it off into your hands. Did you read any of my stories last year? Did any of them stick out to you as something that should be in a “best of”? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I even pulled up my handy-dandy publication list (all the stories submitted have to have been published in 2008), so that you can look and see which ones, if any, you read. And which ones, if any, you liked. Will it be “Good Kitty” from Alison Tyler’s K is for Kinky? “Running Wild” from Rachel Kramer Bussels’ Yes, Sir? Something else entirely?

I think I’ll submit two, this time. I have two possibilities in mind (maybe…it could change by tomorrow!), but I won’t tell until after you do. And here’s the promise I’ll make: if you suggest a story to send and I get accepted (doesn’t have to be for the story you chose, at all), then I’ll put you in a drawing to win a free signed copy of the book. How’s that for incentive? Not to mention, of course, my eternal (okay my long-lived) gratitude.

Kiss kiss bang bang (and a thousand thanks), s.


“A writer judging his own work is like deceived husband – he is frequently the last person to appreciate the true state of affairs.” ~Robert Traver