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…are hard at work. Or, hard at play, as the case may be.

The idea for my new novel came at me hard and fast this morning. The characters. Some of the plot. A few of the objects. Most of the central themes: Addiction, lust, denial. I’m just waiting for a title to tie things all together.

In the meantime, I’m a sponge, soaking up all the work from those girls in the basement, basking in their sweat, stealing their ideas even as they come up with them. Of course, my girls are nothing like Stephen King’s boys (see below). Although, maybe one of them is. I can see her down there, working with her short dark hair, those jeans that fit just right, black boots, dark red lipstick smeared on her mouth. The rest are softer, more feminine and ethereal, but still strong. They can haul story ideas in and out faster than most men. Throw them about, stack them up so that when I open my eyes, the thoughts and people and plots are all lined up and labeled in their funky, hand-written boxes.

I’m just waiting now, tied to the chair, lips parted in anticipation at all the things they’ll feed me.

This basement of my brain… it’s a good space to be in at the moment.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“The boys in the basement are they guys who actually do my heavy lifting. They’re the muses. And we have a picture of muses as being very ethereal creatures, but I think they are nonunion labor. They are hard working guys with Camels rolled up in the sleeves of their shirts.” ~Stephen King