What does Dorothy really have in that basket of hers? What does the tin man do with his heart once he’s got it? Who’s the real ‘evil witch’ in Oz? Now’s your chance to tell the story of the Emerald City and all its inhabitants your way. Shadows of the Emerald City is looking for stories about Oz — the ones you’ve never heard before, the ones that make your cowardly mane shiver and shake, the ones that make your heart beat hard inside all that tin..

So, come on… break out of Kansas and stretch your writing boundaries!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


Shadows of the Emerald City.

Submission period ending: July 31st, 2009.

POD Anthology.

No other story has touched as many hearts and endeared itself into the American fabric as �The Wizard of Oz� by L. Frank Baum. Often toted as America�s first Fairy Tale, this heartwarming classic has been made and remade again and again across every medium known to man.  The themes are timeless, the characters themselves beloved.

And now, here is your chance to rip that all to bloody, meaty pieces.

Like all fairy tales, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has one foot rooted in the fantastic, and the other foot planted in blood. There are some very adult themes taken lightly in this novel, themes of child abduction, murder, cannibalism, torture, witchcraft, and more. Shadows DO fall in the Emerald City, and where they are their darkest is where you will find the true terror of Oz.

What we want to see are horror stories based on the world of Oz. This includes the characters, the settings, the world itself. We�re deconstructing an American institution, so we�d like to see what you can come up with. Blood and gore, or explicit sex? By all means. As long as it reads as part of the natural progression of the story and not some fucked up penthouse letter.

Scare us. Disgust us. More than anything though, give us a reason to turn the page.

Tentative Publication Date: Fall 2009.


Stories should come in under 10k words. Now I say should, because I�m not going to leave something amazing on the floor because it�s 11k words, but it had better be something very special to be seriously considered. Anything in the 5-10k range is perfect. Unpublished work preferred, but please query if you have a previously published work that you think would fit this collection.


Payment is $20.00 US and 1 contributor copy, paid on publication. I am paying for the right to use your stories one time (AKA ONE TIME WORLD WIDE RIGHTS) for this particular short story collection, and all rights will revert back to you upon publication.

Submission Format

Please send all stories, questions, and complaints BY EMAIL ONLY to ozhorror @ gmail.com. Please remove the spaces prior to mailing. or click the TWO handy links I created just for you. Standard submission format is acceptable. RTF files only please. Return time will be <4 weeks, depending on volume. Also, if your story makes it out of the slushpile you will be sent a letter informing you the story is being held for consideration. At this time I may also ask for rewrites/changes, if acceptable. Final cuts will be made over the summer, with publication coming in the fall.