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Kreativ Blogger Award

So, I’m blushing. There’s this thing my face does when I get excited or nervous or overwhelmed or aroused. Or embarrassed. It’s sort of beyond blushing. It’s… beating. Beat red. Heart beat thumping in my face. I look down. Watch the world through my eyelashes. Stammer and stutter.

I’m doing that now. Both Donna and Nikki and Danielle nominated me in the Kreative Blogger Award (Donna for this site, Nikkie and Danielle for Chapter 37), and I’m just floored. And, did I mention?, rather pink. Pleased and pink.

In turn, I get to play along, and list seven bloggers that I think deserve the award, along with seven things I love.

A lot of the bloggers that I totally dig have already been listed by others (we’re a delightfully incestuous group around here sometimes!), so I went to the far edges of my blogger-kingdom to choose bloggers that many of you may not already know. I find these blogs particularly inspirational, funny, creative or just generally ass-kicking. I hope you agree.

Blog call please:

And then I have to list seven things I like. Shit. Double shit. I like so many many things. So this will be my list for seven things I like today. How’s that? To wit:

  • Walking on the Scottish beach while talking to friends, discovering bird skulls, jelly fish, and baby dolls along the way.
  • Iced soy mochas. This has been on my list for years and years, and might very well have crossed over into addiction by now. (I actually love good food and drink of all kinds, but won’t bore you with all the details of fresh berries off the vine, oysters scooped from the salty sea, salads with blue cheese and mushrooms…)
  • The kind of girl friends who make me blush, laugh, lust, giggle, squeal, think, drink and just in general, desire to be more, do more and see more. (Namely, off the top of my head: Alana, Alison, Gina, Nikki, Annie, Bri, Amy…).
  • Great books scattered around me, half-open, partly read, their pages and covers beckoning.
  • My shiny candy-apple red MacBook. Who, by the way, had a fantastically sexy and gorgeous name, but has recently been re-christened the Crapple. -hugs her baby- Aw, poor thing…
  • Weather. Ever-changing. Storms that crackle and hiss, sun that strokes and soothes, the moment right when everything’s changing and anything could happen.
  • Lust. Found in a look over a pair of wire-rims, the ‘just right’ phrase at the ‘just right’ moment, a growl along the curve of my ear (or between my thighs), the perfect ring on someone’s hand, nice calves, sunshine on a pair of bare shoulders, the croon of a fantastic song, the sound of plastic falling hard against skin, a hand-made leather flail… gah, oops. I think I used up more than my share of seven there. Okay, okay… I’ll stop now. I swear it. But, also, those girls in perfect summer dresses. You know the ones. With the great hips… Now I’m done. Really.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


β€œThe secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” ~Albert Einstein