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Well, what a month. July is over, right?

-looks at her Google calender-


Actually, I’m very, very glad it’s not. Looking at my goals, especially. Because, you know, it made sense to set such unreasonable goals when I knew I’d be traveling for more than two weeks out of the month and wouldn’t have internet and would be in a new city and just… yeah.

Either way, I’m plugging along, getting things done, getting things undone, doing things. Here are a few:

  • Lots of half-drafts finished. Erotic horror is coming along (and is scaring the fuck out of me to be honest, since I’m writing about a tick-type shapeshifter, and it’s giving me the willies. Nothing like dealing with your demons by putting them on the page. I was going to write about Nikki’s gorgeous mating slugs, by they way, but the whole “eating each other’s penis off” went beyond the scope of eroticism for me, as you might imagine.). Other stories are still in pieces-parts, but I think I’m ahead of deadline on most.
  • A few finished drafts which I hate, because I know they need a lot more work, namely my bit about a ghost.
  • A few finished drafts that I rather like, including my dark and dirty take on the Wizard of Oz.
  • I wrote an essay that I’m kind of proud of. Partly because I have a hard time writing essays, so I’m just proud I finished it. But also because I think it’s a neat topic, in an unusual format. The editor probably won’t take it — I don’t think it’s quite what she had in mind — but I’m still very happy with it. And if she doesn’t take it, I’ll try to find a home for it. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll post it here. Just because.
  • Goodies in my mailbox upon my return home, including a yummy “I heart tattoos” pin from the equally yummy Alison, and an awesome note from equally awesome Susie, as well as an audible gift card so I can listen to the audio version of X: The Erotic Treasury (as well as the upcoming audio book of Bitten). Hurray!
  • Lastly, I got an acceptance that has me squealing and squeeing and jumping up and down. I don’t think I can announce it quite yet, but needless to say, I’m all wiggly and giggly. Details to come as soon as I’ve been given permission by the fantastic editor!

I think that’s it. That’s probably enough, right? I’m back ‘home’ from Germany, am feeling well still (although we’ll see… I say that with all caution and a great deal of superstition), and there’s another week left in July. I’m sure I can finish everything on my list…

-goes off to die with laughter-

Right. Or something.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston Churchill