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So, I’ve been plugging away on a super-secret project for weeks, months, well, truly, I’ve had it in the back of my brain for nearly a year. And finally, finally, after all this hard work, I can announce the good news!

I have a new baby! No, not that kind of baby. This one has teeth. And claws. And a libido. And smart, sexy sentences and hot covers. And a dozen amazing authors who are going to be jumping on board. And…

Well, I could go on and on and on. But I won’t. I’ll just say welcome to MindFuck Fiction, a new e-publishing venture that’s going to offer the best of the best from writers all over the globe. We’ll have erotica (of course), horror, sci-fi, slipstream, magical realism, humor, non-fiction and anything else we can come up with that stretches imaginations, breaks boundaries and blows our readers’ minds.

For a long time, I’ve thought that e-books have a lot going for them. They’re easy to read (you can pick your layout and your type size), they’re cheaper, the can make more money for the authors, and they allow readers from around the world to read a wide variety of works. I hope that e-books never replace print books (I love print books far to much!), but I think that they’re fantastic co-conspirators.

MindFuck Ficion is a grassroots organization, a hands-on kind of thing. As such, we’ve only got a few stories to start with, but that’s going to continue to grow as we do. And we hope you’ll consider growing with us, spending a few of your hard-earned dollars on fantastic stories in a wide variety of styles and genres. Not only that, but MindFuck isn’t really a publisher — we’re more of a gathering and promotional space, which means that all of the authors get to keep every cent you throw their way. Which is pretty unheard of in either the print or the digital book worlds! So throw your favorite writers a bone if you can — and they’ll be sure to throw one back at you.

In addition, each month, we’ll offer one free story in a variety of genres from a variety of authors. This month, my dark, Oz-based horror story, “You Can’t Go Home Again,” is on the table. Free for stealing. Free for sharing. Free for giving kudos to or smacking down. And, if you do all of the above, it makes you eligible to win some very cool prizes, included signed books!

So, come and join us at MindFuck! We’d love to see if we can blow your mind!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — If you’ve got a thing for sexy e-books, can I also recommend a few others? Slut, a story collection edited by Alison Tyler, is making a huge splash, as are some fantastic novellas, including Banging Rebecca, also by Alison Tyler, and Girlfriend Wanted, by Sommer Marsden. Support your writers — they work hard to bring you the stories you love.


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