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You know… you’d think it was high time we were over this shit. Yes, I’m going to rant for just one moment. Close your ears if you don’t like it.

The rant is about bodies. Women’s and men’s. In today’s ‘enlightened’ society, we’ve got women’s naked body parts spread everywhere, and I mean everywhere — magazines, newspapers, ads, television, movies, video games, books and on and on. Now, I don’t think having women’s body parts gracing any and all of these things are bad. Oh, no, quite the contrary. Women are beautiful. They’re amazing to look at, and you can completely understand why so many artists throughout history have focused on the female form.

However. Ahem. Men are beautiful too. Yet, if there’s a penis in a movie — *audience gasp!* — then that’s all you hear about. Oh my god! They showed a penis! Oh, the horror. Oh, the daring. Oh, the… what the fuck? Seriously?

Which all leads me to what’s happening at Filament magazine. Sub titled, “The Thinking Women’s Crumpet,” Filament offers smart articles, sexy naked men and much, much more (without, thank fucking god, any tips on make-up and thinner thighs). So, what’s the catch? Apparently it’s not half as easy to print images of naked men as it is of women. If you’re saying, “Huh? What?” right now, then that’s good. For the whole story, check out what Kristina Lloyd has to say over at Erotica Cover Watch (which, I should add, features a sexy, oh-my-god very naked boy, so you know, if you don’t want to see cock, then stay right here. We’ll be shuffling you back to your comfort zone of naked tits and clits after this brief intermission).

Agree? Disagree? Think it’s the most ridiculous thing since the uproar over Janet’s nipple? Or just think it’s time women got to have a chance to say, “Yeah, I read it for the articles. -snicker-“?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“Give me peace, love, peace, love, give me peace, love, and a hard cock.” ~Tori Amos