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I have been deposited back on my doorstep by the amazing Nikki, and we had a fantastic, wonderful, joyous, talkative trip through the Scottish Highlands and beyond. You can read (or rather see, since I took a lot of photos) all about it here (although I will admit, I’m still catching up on posts. Come back in a day or two!).

Which means that I am now buckling down, gluing my ass to the chair, playing catchup, what have you, in order to get things back in order. I’ve got another month on the Wild Isle before I return to the States, and I’m determined to make the most of it. Both in terms of writing and in terms of enjoying the wilds of Scotland.

Here’s what happened on the writing front while I was out:

  • Got a story accepted for Threesomes and Moresomes, edited by Linda Alvarez.
  • Got a story accepted for an upcoming lesbian fairy tale collection (the editor is looking for a few more good f/f fairy tale stories, by the way! Call for subs is here.)
  • Got my new toy to review, since I am now a “Good Vibes Toy Ambassador.”
  • Got a story rejected with a “Well-written, and I hate to reject it, but it’s not for us. Please send us more,” note. Which was nice.
  • Got a hard copy of the Oregon Writers Colony calender. I’ll post a picture of my page (I’m Miss February, if you will) later this week.
  • Got a copy of Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories, the new gothic erotic collection, edited by Susie Bright. It is so so gorgeous, with an embossed cover and the edges of the pages are all black, which I think is brilliant.
  • Sent off two stories, one fairy tale piece and one horror piece, as well as a short blog essay.
  • Sent off two stories to my first readers, a re-write of an old lit piece and a new horror story.
  • My Crapple (MacBook) is being obstinate and giving me all kinds of grief, which makes me a sad panda.

I think that’s about all. My goal list is looking fairly decent, although there is no way I’ll ever accomplish it all, as much as I might like to believe I can. Well, who knows. There’s still two more weeks of August, right?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“After I die, I shall return to earth
as a gatekeeper of a bordello
and I won’t let any of you –
not a one of you – enter!”
~Arturo Toscanini


PS — Fantastic image available from this artist.