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Leave it to Jeremy Edwards. I give him an inch and he takes six miles. Or six stories, rather.

A while back, I asked him if he wanted to play along in the new MindFuck Fiction venture, and hurray, he said yes! And then, like the fantastic author that he is, he delivered. Here’s what he created: A six- story collection called Laura the Laugher. And if the sexy, silly stories themselves aren’t enough to entice you (they should be–nobody mixes the erotic and the funny like Jeremy), then the exclusive author bits surely are. It’s Jeremy exposed and at his funniest, sweetest, raunchiest best! Don’t miss it!


Laura the Laugher, and Other Stories is a collection of six explicit erotica pieces by Jeremy Edwards. These tales of “sexy giggles, grinning wiggles, gentle tickles, and eclectic ecstasy” explore the author’s reverence for sex in its sunniest form, as he strives to blend the sensuous and the playful. One reviewer has referred to his writing as an “irresistible blend of raunch and romantic sweetness.”

In “Dropping the Hint,” a man relishes the customized sexual ritual with which his wife greets him at the door. In “Laura the Laugher,” the title character seduces a young woman who is initially skeptical about Laura’s idiosyncratic burlesque act. “Do Friends Tickle?” and “Another Hole Week” celebrate the erotic power of light tickling, while “Tire Stud” grooves on a rubber-tread fetish. The collection concludes with an eroto-comedic Hanukkah tale called “The Golden Latke.”

Bonus features—exclusive to this e-book— include brief notes from Jeremy about each story (“Background Noise”), a page of Jeremy’s thoughts on laughter and sexuality, a short interview, and a farcical playlet called “Jeremy Edwards at Work.”