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As promised (although a little belated), a photograph of my February calender page from the Oregon Writers Colony Access Campaign Calender for 2010. I have to say, my photo is by far not my favorite (I’m honestly partial to the wonderful other-wordly shot of Steve Perry and of course, the glorious Sage in all her pregnant gorgeousness. (you can see the back of the calender here, which shows off all the pictures). The photographer did a fantastic job, I think, on matching the authors to what they write (although I did notice, oddly, that all the women seem to be laying down while all the men get to be doing much more active, fun things — If I’d known that earlier, I think I would have opted for something more ‘moving’, like jumping around the fire or something!).

It’s a really fun, pretty calender, with inspirational quotes, author bios and the like, and it’s for a great cause, so if you need something to track your playdates with next year, please buy one! You won’t regret it. Or, well, you might, but look at it this way: February’s the shortest month, so you’ll only have to look at me for twenty-eight days!

Here are all the authors who played along:

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.