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Going to be anywhere near Portland in November? Then I hope you’ll consider signing up for my Writer-in-Residence class at the Oregon Coast. I’ll be teaching a three-day workshop called Sexy on the Page, November 20-22. Space is limited, but the experience is guaranteed to be amazing. Not because I’m teaching it, although of course I’ll do my best to inspire and enlighten, but mainly because the Writers Colony is a gorgeous, creative space set right on the Oregon Coast. (I wrote about my own experience there as a student, which is what inspired me to want to teach this class). It’s a perfect opportunity to leave your life behind for three whole days and concentrate on the writing that you love.

All the details are below. Feel free to email me if you have any questions (shanna DOT germain AT gmail DOT com).

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


SEXY ON THE PAGE, November 20-22

Andy Warhol once said, “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” And, yet, for so many writers of both fiction and non-fiction, sex is one of the hardest things to write well.

Whether you want to produce hot and literary erotic short stories, add realistic and imaginative sex to your novel, or pen sizzling poems, this WIR weekend promises to deliver. Exercises presented in a comfortable, supportive, open-minded atmosphere (with props!) will allow us to explore written sexuality in all its forms and to explore the elements of language, character, narrative and style that come together to create amazing sex on the page. In addition to writing time, instruction and group discussions, there will be opportunities to read your work aloud, as well as to meet privately with Shanna about specific issues and concerns.