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Gurith had one hand flat on the back of the door, trying to hold it shut, and the other tight around the strap of her shoulder pack so it wouldn’t fall off and land in something nasty. She was nearly done, thank the gods, when she heard the sound off to the right: a jingle of a coin in a pocket, a shift of fabric.

For a long moment, nothing moved. Not even Gurith. She stayed crouched despite the pain of holding the position, the muscles in her thighs locked and aching. The window was too small to see through, and she wondered why someone even bothered making a hole in the wood at all, if it was that useless. She supposed you could stick a knife through it if someone put their eyeball to it, but by then it would probably be too late anyway.

She willed the thud of her pulse to quiet so she could listen. The sound she’d heard before had disappeared. Which either meant he’d moved on without having detected her, or he’d heard her just as she’d heard him, and was now waiting outside the outhouse, ready to knock her senseless as soon as she stepped out.

Stupid, she thought. Stupid. She should have waited. If only she hadn’t had two cups of Jonny’s ridiculous concoction earlier—he called it “camp coffee,” said he’d learned it from his granddad, but while she liked the way it made her blood pound, it still tasted like bitter almonds and wheat chaff. She was pretty sure that’s what had put her in her current position. Either that or the jug of fermented cider they’d downed last night, courtesy of Red Eye’s late night raid on his mother’s fridge.

If she died here, now, she would never live it down. She could only imagine what the crew would say as they buried her. “Oh, crap,” Jonny would snigger as he threw a handful of dirt over her body, thinking he was being truly funny. “What stinks?” would be Red Eye’s clever contribution. Only Sinderlei would actually come up with something original and almost laugh-worthy. “When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go,” or “Killed while swabbing the poop deck,” or something like that.

Her thighs ached, begged for her to sit down, but even a girl as wild as herself knew you didn’t actually touch your ass to a public loo. Especially not one in this area of the docks. Especially not one that you’d had to pick the lock just to let yourself in. She shuddered once, thinking about it. Which was worse? Putting herself down on the wooden ring beneath her? Or falling over and getting stuck by whoever was waiting outside?

She picked option number three, which was, well, she didn’t know what it was yet. But it started with her standing up, slowly, slowly, not breathing. Her thighs seemed to breathe for her, thanking her as they straightened. She had to bend just as slowly to find her pants, which had retreated down to her ankles. It wasn’t the first time she’d cursed trading her skirt in for a pair of pants. “You’ll look more ferocious!” the boys had said. When in reality, she’d come to discover they just hoped to catch a glimpse of her ass when she peed. Boys.


The above is a bit of the draft from my current story in progress. Pirates, if you couldn’t tell (which you probably couldn’t — it’s a very modern pirate setting). I took the inspiration for Gurith from the image above (courtesy of this artist). (What would I do without Deviant Art? As often as I use the images from there to create characters, concepts and plots, I’d be lost without it.)

The real reason for this post is to check in on my August goals, mainly so I don’t fool myself into thinking that I’m going to accomplish them all (I’m not) and also so that I don’t forget to tackle something that I really, really want to tackle. And, yes, I know there’s only a week-plus left. Eek! All that red stuff below… see it? Yeah, that’s shit I haven’t done. Yet.

So here goes (drum roll and cannon fire, please!):



  • Men in Kilts (submitted)
  • Fairy Tale (submitted)
  • San Fran (submitted)
  • Fast Girls (submitted)
  • Scarlet (submitted)
  • Waterwoman (submitted)
  • Cupido (submitted)
  • Death Party (submitted)
  • Pound (submitted)
  • Steampunk (working on)
  • Wanderlust (working on)


  • Don’t Choke (submitted)
  • Learn Language (submitted)
  • Queered Gothic (draft done)
  • Darwin (working on)
  • Dark Crime (working on)
  • Women Pirates (working on)
  • Zombie (working on)
  • Pig (draft done)
  • Circus/Other (uh… not yet)


  • HIV (submitted)
  • Father/Daughter Essay (uh…)
  • 3 Poems (submitted)
  • Hint Fiction (submitted)
  • Servers (submitted)
  • 1 Novella (ack!)
  • 5,000 Words Horror (half-done)
  • 5,000 Words Juno (quarter-done)
  • 4 Chapters SOTP (one done)
  • 2 Chapters GGG (one done)
  • Superheroes (working on)


“Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.” ~Johnny Depp