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Shanna the She Devil

Me, in a former incarnation. Look at those curves! Of course, what I really want is the leather wristband.


I’m the invisible woman this week. Now you see me, now you don’t.

Mainly you don’t see me because I’ve got a million things going on (yes, I know, when don’t I?). I’m cranking out stuff for end-of-August deadlines (including a series of superhero poems, only one of which I’m happy with so far). I’ve got friends coming to spend the weekend at the flat (yeah for friends, and dinners and brunches and games of, I don’t know, Scrabble or Rummy!). And, I’m also cramming my life back into the suitcases that I came to Scotland with nearly half a year ago. Because, I know you won’t believe this, but it’s nearly time for me to go home — less than two weeks left on my wild isle (If you haven’t been following that part of my life, it’s all chronicled here, and I invite you to come and play along).

So. SuperHeroes. SuperFriends. SuperSuitcases.

My life is full, full, full.

Can I have my spear and leather bikini back now? Or at least a SuperSuit?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


Lucius: Honey?
Honey: What?
Lucius: Where’s my super suit?
Honey: What?
Lucius: Where – is – my – super – suit?
Honey: I, uh, put it away.
[helicopter explodes outside]
Lucius: *Where*?
Honey: *Why* do you *need* to know?
Lucius: I need it!
[Lucius rummages through another room in his condo]
Honey: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no derrin’-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!
Lucius: The public is in danger!
Honey: My evening’s in danger!
Lucius: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
Honey: ‘Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

~The Incredibles