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I do know that summer’s not over. But August is coming to a close, and here on the wild isle, the storms are blowing across the water, rippling the waves and toppling the boats. The air smells of dead leaves and the living things that burrow beneath them. The wind brings a sense of change, of accomplishment and failure, of long endings before fresh beginnings. My brain brings many of the same things. I walk. I write. I am already sorrowful for the things I’ll leave behind when I go. I am already anticipating the joys that are to come when I arrive.

In all those ways, it just feels like fall. Is this how Demeter feels, I wonder, when she starts to paint the sky white? When she makes the crops barren? When she knows that if she just waits long enough, her daughter will reappear from the underworld to greet her, fresh and new?

I don’t know about Demeter, but I know that I love change, this moment on the cusp of things, when anything could happen. The past could stay, dead and sogged as leaves underfoot. Or the present could ripple away in the push of a new wave. Or the future could arrive in the morning, dragging its suitcases, hollering a jet lagged hello.

Either way, the horizon is fuzzy and dim at the moment. But the recent past is still bright, a slant of late afternoon sunlight. I finished as many goals as I can for August. Not all of them, but enough. For now.

I’m still planning my goals for September. I’m going to be on the go a fair amount: packing to leave Scotland, heading to Portland for a bit, then heading elsewhere. How much writing will I be able to get done in transition? That remains to be seen. So I’m going to do my usual ‘reach for the still undiscovered and far away planet’ goal list and hope I actually get to the top floor of a very small house by the time I’m done.

Tally Ho For August:

  • 30 pieces written and submitted
  • 8 accepted
  • 2 rejected

The best thing for me is that a number of the pieces that I wrote (and that were accepted) were experimental. Meaning they’re in new genres, like sci-fi and horror, that I’m really excited about.

So, that’s August. That’s summer. Fall is on the way. Let’s see what the wind brings.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Image from this artist.