So, I was talking with my incredibly funny and talented artist-friend Amy yesterday about the whole cyberstalker fiasco, and I was explaining my bewilderment at a recent comment. The stalker’s comment, in response to my post about returning to the States after my stint here in Scotland, was, as far as I can tell, suggesting that I am not really in Scotland. It reads:

We’re confused here: six months in Scotland???? Nearly? Surely, you’re kidding! False, phony self: how’s it feel? Try to be yourself, Shanna, please! Not some pretense of self. Pathetic. Are you THIS insecure? I mean, really?

To which I was saying to Amy, “She makes me sound like I’m making the whole Scotland trip up for posterity and fame. What does she think I’ve actually been doing? Hiding in a basement in Ohio photoshopping images of sheep?”

Less than ten minutes later, Amy replied with this image. I’ll let it speak for itself. It’s good to have friends down here in the basement.

Kiss kiss bang bang (on that basement wall), s.




PS — Shameless friend plug: If you’re ever in need of hiring an artist for, well, anything, you should check out Amy’s work on illustrations, web sites, and the like. She really is fantastic.