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Oooh, I love good news in the midst of my topsy-turvy life. And this is better than good news, truly: my short story, “Empty Vessel,” (originally called “Sustenance“) was just accepted by M. Christian for Best S/M Erotica 3: Still More Extreme Stories of Still More Extreme Sex. Anytime I get to work with M. Christian, I’m a very joyous girl, and even more so this time because this story is one of my dark ones. The kind that make readers say things like, “It totally turned me on, but it made me cry too.”

This is the original call for submissions, which I really fell in lust with, because I love things that push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or norm. And since BDSM is still considered “out there” by much of the mainstream, the opportunity to take it one step farther, to find the far edge of this already edged topic is the kind of challenge that turns me on as a writer (and probably as a reader too):

For this edition of the series writers are encouraged to experiment with the basic idea of what S/M erotica play is — and could be — as well as how our modern world has changed the possibilities and potentials of S/M. Examples could be stories that challenge established ideas of dominance and submission, that play with its practice with new technology, that challenge gender roles, or that push limits of play space versus the real world. While this is not a science fiction anthology stories that project the impact of current technology and social changes would be acceptable.

I don’t know who else is in the collection yet, but knowing M. Christian, it’s going to be one of those must-have, must-read, must-try kind of anthologies. I’m very much looking forward to being in it.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“In the beginning I was fooled by Dominants who were good looking, had charisma, dressed well, and had that “dominant” personae. I soon realized that these things are easy to fashion. Real Dominance is a deep and visceral thing, something that has nothing to do with the trappings of BDSM.” ~Sensuous Sadie