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Ooh, my story, “Skin Deep,” (part of Circlet Press’s new Like A Thorn collection) got a super shiny review over at Marie Carlson’s site!

This is an insta!recommendation. I haven’t read the rest of the collection. However, I enjoyed “Skin Deep” so much I had to recommend it right away. It’s the reason I bought the collection. I read the excerpt and had to finish it.

“Skin Deep” is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with a twisty, dark Beauty who keeps her Beast on a short chain. The pain here is a pleasure – rose thorns piercing flesh, blood-stained feathers, broken words – and Germain carves a delicious tale.

Read the whole thing at her blog. Totally made my week, despite the cold that’s still threatening to run away with my nose and the rest of my face. Tissues, cough drops and great reviews — I should start feeling better soon!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Image by this artist.