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Wow, Circlet’s new collection, “Like a Thorn,” is wracking up all kinds of great praise lately. From the wonderful review over here to this brand new one over by Lisabet Sarai at Erotica Readers and Writers. This is part of what she had to say:

In Like a Thorn, editors Cecilia Tan and Sarah Desautels try to tap into the darkness at the heart of many fairy tales. In these stories, the “darkness” results from the more or less perverse desires of the characters. I’m not entirely happy with the equation between BDSM and darkness, but the five authors represented in this book all succeed in integrating a storyline of dominance and submission into the plot of familiar fairy stories. Sometimes the result is a clever romp, an old classic with a naughty twist. In a few cases, the stories cut deeper, exposing desires as twisted as the thorn bushes that overran the walls of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

The most exquisite and disturbing tale in the collection is Shanna Germain’s “Skin Deep”, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. In this version, Belle is as gorgeous as required but is also a cruel sadist who delights in torturing the gentle, refined Beast. Despite himself, the Beast hungers for her torments, although she repeatedly taunts him, threatening to  leave him to the nice young girl who will eventually fall into his clutches and turn him into a pretty, bland, boring Prince.

Such lovely words for a story that I really enjoyed writing. I’m so glad to be part of the collection. (By the way, Circlet has been fantastic to work with and they have a couple of upcoming anthologies that are looking for submissions if you’re interested in submitting to them).

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“Oh, yes, I went willingly. Wantingly. Wantonly. A thorn in each hand.” ~ from Skin Deep, Shanna Germain