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Good Releasing Presents Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out by Courtney Trouble at GoodVibes.com


A caveat to begin this review: I like girl-on-girl porn. I like it a lot. Especially the kind of girl-on-girl porn that doesn’t feature fake nails, hardwood floors, or that ooh-ooh-ooh false cry of something that is nothing like an orgasm. So when Good Vibes sent me a copy of ‘Good Releasing Presents Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out by Courtney Trouble at GoodVibes.com (by Reel Queer Productions), I was excited because the film doesn’t have any of that. What it does have is girl-on-girl action that should have had my clit roaring and revved in about half a second.

Unfortunately, it took a little longer than that. The first half of the film had some glitches that left my clit more confused than aroused, but the movie turned around nicely in the second half, and really came into its own. But, more on all that later.

First, a look at all the good things the movie offers, right off that bat:

1. The movie is full of cute girls and one trans-boi.

2. The premise is interesting and unique — get a bunch of sexed strangers in a room and start them off with a game of spin the bottle, then move them on to various other games, including Truth or Dare.

3. The diversity of body types and sexual styles is a huge plus. There are curvy girls (“I have a 42-inch ass,” says one, and I was tempted to believe her. In fact, I wanted to measure it), skinny girls, dykes, lipsticks, girls of color, subs, doms, ass and tit spanking, women who were packing, vibrators, a red-headed transboi, threesomes, real-life pubes, and more.

5. Real women, with real curves, boobs, cunts, tats and piercings, and most of all, with real orgasms! Hip-hip-hooray for that.

6. Conversation during both regular and BDSM scenes. Questions like, “Is that okay?” and “Do you want me to go harder?” were such a nice touch, and so very real. Nothing you’d ever find in most off-the-shelf porn.


Now, why didn’t those elements come together in the way that they could have in order to make the video work for me as a whole? Actually, they kind of did. But only in the second half.

Here’s why the first half and I didn’t get along very well:

1. I got a downer feeling right away from the opener, where the girls didn’t look at the camera, didn’t talk to the camera, and surely didn’t talk to me. They were nervous and skittish. I understand that this is “real porn,” but to me, there’s nothing sexier than confidence, and these girls didn’t have it.

2. The tension between these girls, especially in the beginning, wasn’t sexual so much as it was just plain tense and nervous. There was a lot of fumbling and firsts, which could have been an incredible turn-on, but ended up feeling more like watching frat girls make out with each other for a hazing. I felt uptight and giggly — just like they apparently did — and this didn’t do good things for my state of arousal.

3. Mouth-spitting. Seriously, this is just one of those personal squicks. Ignore me if it’s your thing.

4.  I get that this is supposed to be gritty and real, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the filming needs to reflect that. The camera angles, especially early on, were often shaky, leaving me feeling a little oogy. In addition, in the first half of the movie, the volume was up and down, rising at odd intervals, taking me out of the movie and making me lurch for the remote control more often that I would have liked.

5. Too many cocks. There were a lot of cocks for my taste — pink cocks, black cocks, white cocks, big cocks, little cocks. I like cocks, don’t get me wrong, real or manufactured, by I prefer to see my women with more, well, women-parts. There wasn’t as much scissoring, finger-fucking, clit-strumming, tit-licking, nipple-sucking, or even straight-up kissing as I might have liked.

6. Perhaps the most important thing is that in order for me to be aroused, I really need my brain to be turned on. Smart, intelligent, articulate, non-giggly girls do it for me. They always have. And these girls, at least in their early on-screen interviews, didn’t meet those requirements as much as I would have liked.

Now, let me say this: The movie gets much, much better as it goes on. In the second half, the filming seems steadier, the girls have gotten comfortable with each other, and there is some serious hotness happening on (and off) camera.

Why the second half of the movie and I got along VERY well:

Scene 4: Fantastic first-time cock-sucking scene. Lots of great language and dialogue, nice camera angles, and some serious heat between the participants, as they offer suggestions on how to lick, suck, swallow and otherwise please the cock-wielders.

Scene 7: Probably my favorite of the movie, and the scene where my clit really woke up. Finally, some fantastic kissing, undressing and nipple-sucking. There are some real moments of genuine passion here, as well as some adorable laughter between the two, and the lightning and camera shots seem better, perhaps because it’s shot in the studio. They look like they’re having fun! Yah and hurrah. This is what the whole movie could have been: Sexy, hot, fun, funny and a huge turn-on. (Spoiler alert: But then they… what? … put their clothes back on? What? Why? But… -is totally and completely flabbergasted by this, not to mention saddened.)

Scene 10: The two doms/tops of the movie have an incredibly sexy, passion-filled encounter in the bathroom. There is some serious power-struggle kissing, foreplay and sex that is amazing to watch, and is so very hot. This got a definite yum from me.

Scene 11: A delightful threesome, with an onlooker, starts sweet and sensual, and then rockets into hot and heavy. The shots are well-blocked, there’s a lot of gorgeous movement and a fantastic orgasm or two.

Overall Impressions:

I think the first half of the movie could have benefited from just a little more editing and attention to detail. It’s one thing to be “real.” It’s another to end up with something that is a bit bouncy and sporadic in quality.

However, in my opinion, the movie gets so much better in the second half, when both the performers and the production crew seem to be comfortable in their roles. The last set of scenes are well worth the price of the movie–they are hot, sexy, filled with energy and very enjoyable to watch–and I think they showcase how much potential Reel Queer Productions has for the future.

Real Queer? Yes.

Really Hot? Half-and-half.

Really Worth It? Yep. Despite the flaws, this video is real, it’s sexy and it showcases an amazing array of bodies, sexualities and desires that are far too often missing from porn.