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The Hanky Code

…good things happen to good people? Okay, not “good” like “of the moral excellence” variety (because that version of good is not only terribly subjective, but also damn boring), but good as in all the other ways that good can be defined, the things having to do with kindness, quality, superior, not spoiled, competent, beneficial to health, bountiful, pleasant… Truly, the list of ways to define good just goes on and on.

Suffice to say, I love it when good things happen to good people. It makes me feel all giddy inside, and like the world really is a right and just place.

This is how I feel when someone like the fantastic Alison Tyler gets not one, but two, fantastic reviews for her books. If you don’t know Alison yet, you totally should. She works hard for the benefit of the writing, publishing, editing and sex-positive worlds, she busts her ass to help new and middling writers, she goes above and beyond, always. Not to mention that she’s funny as fuck and can always make me laugh.

Of course, the reviews have nothing to do with that last bit. They have more to with her skill as editor and writer and book-maker. Both published at Erotica Revealed this month, the reviews look at Playing With Fire and Pleasure Bound: True Bondage Stories.

From the review of Pleasure Bound:

Possibly my favorite tale in the collection is Alison Tyler’s own “Stickler for Details”. The author/narrator contacts a Dom for research purposes. He chides her for using capital “I” in her emails to refer to herself, and she’s justifiably annoyed. When she finally meets him, however, his presence overwhelms her:

He was there, waiting, his silver hair brushed back from his forehead, his suit jacket open over a stark white shirt—no tie, no frills, crisp and smart as Courier font.  From his gaze, I realized that I no longer had to worry about my Is or my eyes, because the sense of submissiveness fell over me like a cloak.  I didn’t have to think about how to behave…I wanted to be his with a capital H… When I pulled up a chair at the table, when I said my greetings, when I brought out my notebook—every gesture about me whispered of my desires.  Every story I’d ever written had led me to this point.

And the reviewer had this to say about my story, which kind of made me giggle. There’s something about seeing your story put so bluntly and succinctly that makes you think, “Oh, right, that is what happens, isn’t it?”:

Other standouts include Shanna Germain’s “Deal”. Ms. Germain paints a gritty portrait of  a last semester in high school, two couples playing cards,the narrator fucked and near strangled by the other girl’s boyfriend and loving it all.

Good things, good people. They go together like lube and anal sex. Or like spanks and asses. Or like … well, you get the picture. It’s a perfect pair that just made me happy on a Friday morning.

What’s making your Friday happy?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.