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Slut Necklace. *want*


Oops. Somewhere along the way, I completely and totally forgot that I’d started this … ahem… weekly thing called “Sunday Pleasures.” Uh, how do you forget something that’s weekly? I don’t know. But I realized I missed it, and that I’d been reading some cool things lately that deserved to be shared, so here it is: The return of Sunday Pleasures. Enjoy!


Get Your Rocks Off: Reflections from the Art Museum, Jeremy Edwards on Clean Sheets

Get Geeky: Off the Pi Charts, PMF Johnson on Strange Horizons

Get On the Boat: The Mermaids Singing Each to Each, Cat Rambo in Clarkesworld Magazine

Get Arty: If You Were Jackson Pollock and Jackson Pollock Painted Nudes, Stephen S. Mills, RedHeaded Stepchild


This week’s Sunday Pleasures brought to you by naked coffee on the couch, yesterday’s cinnamon chocolate-chip cookies and Moulin Rouge.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.