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This is a render of my Everquest 2 roleplay character (a standoffish thief, rogue and general bitch) as made by my talented friend. You can see more of her fabulous work here.


Ahem. So I’m going to come out of the closet now. The gamer closet, that is. Yes, I’m a girl gamer. You might already know this. You might not. I’m also -gulp- a roleplayer, meaning that I take my character in-game and give her (I say ‘her’ because I usually play females) a personality, a storyline and a backstory (It’s a lot like writing fiction, actually, except more interactive.)

I know there’s this image of gamers that everyone has in their heads. Namely: Boys. Ages 15-25. Fat. Dumb. Addicted. Losers in their mom’s basement. Can’t get a girl. Yadda yadda yadda.

I’m sure there is some of that out there. In fact, I know some of those people. I also have met some serious psycho gamers. But I think there are losers and psychos in any segment of the population, and I’m not sure it’s any higher among those who game. Some of my best friends are gamers — talented, gorgeous, intelligent men and women who have careers, families and wicked senses of humor.

For a couple of years, I’ve been working on a collection of essays about women gamers. I’m also currently working on an article about lesbians who game (speaking of: if you’re a lesbian gamer, and you’re reading this, contact me! I’m looking for women to tell their gaming stories, whether it’s finding an online girlfriend in Second Life, singing along with your best buds in Rock Band or killing creatures in Fallout. The only caveat? You must be willing to be quoted, since it’s for a national lesbian publication).

Now, the two worlds are colliding in a much different way. A character in Second Life (more of an online world that a game, truly) is going to be reading in-game from some of Alison Tyler’s fiction this afternoon. How cool is that? You can get all the details on Alison’s site. I haven’t played in Second Life much, to be honest, but I just created an avatar in order to go and listen. Have a lookout for me. I’ll be the pale blonde sporting the name Shanna Aries. Hope to see you there!


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.