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These days, I’ve got my fingers in lots of pots. A little stir here, a little taste there, adding some extra spice to this one, turning up the heat on that one. Sometimes, like this morning, I wake up feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I was spreading myself too thin, across too much space and time.

But then I realized, wait a minute, I work really well like this. I like the diversity of doing many different things at once. I like the challenge of it too. There are few things that I hate more than being bored or dulled by repetition or by having things too easy. That would be like high school all over again, when I sat through most classes teaching myself how to take notes by writing backward so no one else could read them (a skill I still have, I might add) or writing poems about forlorn love that almost directly emulated whatever we’d read in my Shakespeare class that week (if you’re going to copy, then copy the greats, I always say.)

So, I have a couple of articles in the works, a couple of books, a couple of proposals for collections. Five or six short stories. About a million emails that are getting answered, slowly. Things are coming together, as they always do. Even if it feels like I’m running about like a crazy person at the moment, with wordsauce dripping off my fingers and something always threatening to boil over.

But then again, that’s how I like it. So back to the heat of the kitchen I go.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Pretty pots and pans image by this artist.