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If you’ve ever read anything by Gina Marie, you know what she does. She takes these simple words, and she molds them into mouth-watering, finger-licking, sensual feasts of sights and sounds and smells and tastes.

Which is why I’m so pleased to announce her as our newest MindFuck Fiction author! Check out her collection, “Opening Eden,” which offers six brand-new stories that explore the place where sensuality, sexuality, and the great outdoors meet. It’s so very worth every penny!


Here’s just a wee snippet from her amazing story, “Big Red Sun”:

I am thinking it but don’t say it when my boy Blue spots the Sandhill cranes in a marshy field just off the freeway.

They are beautiful. I can hear their deep throaty trill, a rich and rattling French trumpet of a call. It’s a sound never forgotten once heard and I’d heard them fairly recently, as they flew above an Oregon riverbank. I am thinking it but don’t say it as I look at them and then back at Blue, his smile, sunlight on his face, his boyish excitement at spotting them.

I am thinking it but don’t say, “Hey Blue, cranes mate for life you know.” I am thinking it but don’t say, “The mated pairs call in unison. The mated pairs stand up close together and call to one another in an intricate, synchronized duet.”

I am thinking it but don’t say, “The girl Sandhill Crane makes two calls for every single call of the boy.”

I don’t say it because I’m sure my boy Blue knows all that and more. He’s a man of the wild spaces and the faraway places. He’s one of them.

Miles and miles later on down the road to home, Blue looks up at the dry hills and puts foot to brake as if he’s spotted a bighorn sheep perched on a rock. Dust billows beneath the tires as Blue pulls his rig over to the side of the road. The landscape is colored in the gentle brilliance of high desert spring. Deep browns, sage greens, and the soft, sensual
purple of a carpet of tiny flowers bursting skyward from the silt of an ancient seabed paint the earth.

“What is it?” I ask, excitement rising in my hips as the truck jolts to a stop. I am nude from the waist down with one finger slipping in and out of my sticky wet pussy and the other wrapped around a semi-warm bottle of beer. Blue, of course, is stark bucking naked….and smiling.


Buy the rest of this gorgeous, literary, sexier-than-hell story (and five more!) and support great authors like Gina Marie today! (All monies, every single cent, go directly to the authors, you’ll be happy to know!)


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