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Ooh, just came across this lovely review of Wired Hard 4.0, a collection of gay sci-fi erotica from Circlet Press! The review is by Christopher Fletcher of M-Brane fame and he had nice words to say about all the stories in the collection, including a few about my story, “Beneath Sea and Sky.”

When people take the time to write such thoughtful, introspective reviews (and, of course, when they like my story!) it always makes me a happy, happy panda!

Shanna Germain’s “Beneath Sea and Sky” also stands out. A bit less fantastic or science fictional (at least for most of the story) than most of the entries in this volume, it is poignantly and achingly gay in a way that I would think that it would have needed to have come from the keyboard of a gay male. But I gather from the contributor bios that Shanna is a female, and there are indeed a lot of women who write great m/m erotica nowadays. The emotional honesty of this story and the way the writer somehow understands what it can feel like physically and emotionally for a guy to have sex with another guy under the circumstances she describes here is so authentic that I am left rather breathless by it.

So awesome! Thank you, thank you!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.