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I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? I’m sporadic like that, it seems. One month, I’ll post every day. Another month (like this one), I’m lucky if I get some words down once a week. But that seems to be my creative cycle. Sometimes, the words come and my brain is full of ideas and plots and characters. And other times, I’m just filling up like the sponge that I am — soaking it all in until I’m water-logged and have no ability to say anything. I used to beat myself up pretty badly over the non-writing times, but now I’m trying to take it more in stride and to see it for what it really is — a chance to rest my creative spirit and get refueled.

In the meantime, things keep arriving in the mail. A couple of new sex toys that I need to try out and review; a couple of acceptances and rejections, a bunch of stories that need their final edits before they go to press; and my favorite so far this week: A contributor’s copy of Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine. It’s a beautifully done book, and full of heart-breaking, funny and inspirational stories from the medical field — not just patients and family members, but also doctors, nurses and other staff. It includes one of my favorite paramedic poems, and I’m delighted to be included in such a nicely designed and printed collection.

Now, I need to get writing again. Back to the Mac, as it were. My brain is almost full. Hopefully soon it will start spewing out new stories and essays and, yes, even blog posts.

Until then, Kiss kiss bang bang, s.