Ooh, a shiny new cover! Sex, Love & Valentines is a new collection forthcoming from Xcite press, and it includes my short story, “Continuity.” It also features some of my fave authors, including Janine Ashbless, Jeremy Edwards, Justine Elyot and Charlotte Stein.

Of course, I had to do V-Day without actually doing V-Day, if that makes any sense. Here’s a little snippet from the opener:

The dress is gorgeous; the saleswoman suggested a size smaller than I’d planned and it went on perfectly, skimming the curves of my ass and hips just right, making me look like I have more boobs than I actually do. Fantastic fit, fantastic dress. Billy was going to love it.

Except that now I can’t get it off. It’s stuck somewhere between my breasts and my shoulders, and my hands and head are caught inside what seems to be an ever-tightening vise-grip of material. Where is Billy and his sexy-sharp knife when you need him?

In some alternate universe, this would be sexy. The saleswoman would be a smart, voluptuous thing who would use my pseudo-bondage to her advantage, the dressing room would be bigger than a postage stamp and I would be able to breathe right now. Instead,  I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t time to give up this yearly fuckfest with Billy, since it seems to be more work than pleasure at the moment.

But as soon as I think it, I realize that it’s a stupid idea–Billy and I have spent every Valentine’s day together since our divorce eight years ago, no matter what’s going on in our lives, and I know it’s something that we both look forward to. I don’t want to live with the man again, not ever, but do I want to fuck him hard once a year and see those chocolate-brown eyes of his widen when he looks at me in a dress like this? Oh yes.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.