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It is a new year, and thus time for a new blog-look, a new title and a new sensibility. Or maybe not new so much as lightly altered, softly finger-brushed, gently tweaked. What do you think of it? Is it readable? Not too tough to navigate? I wanted something clean, simple, readable but still with that combination of sexy and professional.

I have declared this year to be Year of the Word! Tada! Doesn’t that sound good?

I wanna say it again: Year of the Word! Woot!

What does that mean? I don’t even know, but it feels right.

Which word? I don’t know that either. Maybe it’s just a focus on putting this word down and then the next one. On being in the here and now and the now and here. On not looking so far ahead that I get lost in the clutter of black on white. Instead, I will see this word for what it is, and the next one for what it is, and then I will see how they fit together and form something larger than themselves.

I’m sure I’ll have goals for the new year soon. But in the meantime I have a focus. Word? Word!

What’s your focus for this year? Or, better yet, what’s your word of the year?

Happy 2010!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Word image from this artist.

PPS — Seems I’m not the only one doing the one-word for the year bit. Look at authors Christina Katz (her word is for the year is “prosperous”) and Ali Edwards (her word is “story” — which I wish I’d thought of!). So, really, writers — what IS your word for the year? Or what do you wish it was?

PPPS — And oh my god — how can you NOT want this amazing Word of the Year necklace from artist Lisa Leonard?!?!