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Oooh! I opened up the mail this morning to a lovely treat — a signed copy of Rock My Socks Off, a first novel by the venerable Jeremy Edwards. I have about a million things to do today: two articles due next week, a short story that’s almost done, food to make for friends who are about to visit … and yet, I opened the novel, read the first sentence and ack! couldn’t put it down.

It’s Jeremy’s usual mix of funny, sweet and sexy, and I can’t wait to read the rest of it. Sadly, it will have to wait until I finish putting words on the page and making brownies, nachos and stuffed peppers to feed the arriving troops. But it’s sitting there, just winking at me, beckoning me with its enticing premise and its promise of an erotic read.

Thank you, Jeremy, I’m a’rockin’ in my socks!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.