Ah, I love serendipity. Or, if not that, then the way that rolling and strolling down back roads takes you somewhere unexpected and wonderful.

Here’s what happened: A few years ago, I created a new blog called Year of the Books. Then, last year, I renamed it Another Year of the Books. This year, I realized that I needed a new focus, something smaller, something that would get me where I needed to be with baby steps. Thus, I chose this year to be Year of the Word.

Then I did a quick search, just to see who else was doing “Year of the [Something].” There, I discovered the incredibly talented and creative Ali Edwards, who had declared this year to be the Year of the Story. And not only that, but she was doing a giveaway, which included prizes like the amazing necklace above by Lisa Leonard.

I commented, telling her about my choice of WORD as my word of the year. And then, this morning, I discovered that I won one of the gorgeous story necklaces! I am so excited — and can’t believe I’m going to have the opportunity to wear something every day that will remind me of my goals for this year. And, perhaps more importantly, that will remind me of how I want to move toward those goals: One word at at time makes a story.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed right now. I’m going to have to come up with a way to share this karma. Give me a few days, and I know I’ll come up with something!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

PS — For another opportunity to win cool writerly like gifts, check out Alison Tyler’s blog. She always has the best contests!