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Holy crap! I’m so excited to announce this: I’m going to be teaching an online erotica writing class starting February 8th. I love teaching — the energy, the enthusiasm, helping students get from wherever they are in their writing abilities to wherever they want to be — and I really love teaching erotica. It’s awesome to see students dig deep into themselves and their characters and to be able to read the work they come up with. There’s nothing better than watching a student write something that they were nervous about, or work through a writing fear, or discover that they’ve written something that they really, really love.

I do hope you’ll consider joining me for this class. To me, there’s no better way to start out the new year than with the opportunity to improve your stories and discover the sensual side of your writing!


Sexy On the Page

Six weekly classes: February 1 – March 8, 2010

Has it always been one of your dreams to write erotic fiction? Or perhaps you already write erotica, but aren’t sure if you’re doing it “right.” Or maybe you just want to get better — and start submitting your stories and getting that sought after “Yes!” from publishers and editors.

Sexy On the Page helps beginning and intermediate writers go from “I wanna!” — whether it’s “I wanna’ write” or “I wanna get better” — to “I am!”

During this six-week class, weekly lessons will provide inspiration and ideas, exercises, suggestions for stretching your boundaries, and tips for improving your stories and your craft. We’ll also look at publication options and opportunities. Because we’ll be walking through erotica writing — starting with ideas and inspirations, progressing through characters and plots, and finalizing with getting those stories written, edited and sent off — you’ll be doing more than just learning. You’ll be accomplishing. Students will leave class with a number of story starts and ideas, half a dozen drafts, and at least one finished, ready-to-submit story…

[read the rest of the class description and sign up here]

Hope to see you there!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.