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Despite having sold any number of stories for various e-reader-type machines (and having lots and lots of talented writer friends who are doing the same, including Alison Tyler, Jeremy Edwards, Gina Marie, Summer Marsden…), I have to admit that I don’t own one yet. I toyed with the idea back before I made the leap to Scotland, thinking that it would be the best way to carry my books with me. And yet, I didn’t actually buy one.

While some would argue that my “bookish sensibilities” (aka, my joy of holding a real book in my hands as often as possible) get in the way of said purchase, it was actually a much more pragmatic thing: I didn’t want to have to buy a whole new e-book reader in six months in order to upgrade. After watching the Kindle change so drastically from first generation to second, and watching the plethora of other e-readers come on the market, I just couldn’t convince myself to plunk my money down yet. I want to know that the ebook reader I buy is going to last at least a year, ideally longer. Which means that I feel the need to wait until at least the majority of the initial experimenting is done regarding size, readability, weight and the like.

Tess Gerritsen has a fantastic list here of what she’d like in an e-reader, and I agree with the majority of it. I’d like to see all of those things, especially an open framework (meaning I can read any format, including Kindle and all of those other “you can only read them on reader XY” programs).

Do you read via an ebook reader? If so, do you like it? Do you use it a lot, or is just a smaller version of all that gym equipment you once bought, now just gathering dust in the corner of the room? Recommendations? Things you’d like to see? I’d love to hear!

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