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MindFuck Fiction is getting ready to put out its first collaborate collection of erotic books, and we want you to be part of it!
For 2010, MindFuck Fiction will produce seven e-books. Each book with include seven sexy stories that revolve around one of the seven deadly sins (or the corresponding virtue for that sin).
You know about the seven deadly sins, of course, those capital vices of greed and lust and sloth and wrath. They’re deadly, yes, but they’re sexy too. This lustful quality of all the sins is what we want to explore.

Here are the sins and virtues we’ll be covering:

Lust / Chastity
Gluttony / Temperance
Greed / Generosity
Sloth / Zeal
Wrath / Patience
Envy / Kindness
Pride / Humility

Think: The greedy girl who craves as many cocks as she can get. The glutton for punishment, who’s in search of that perfect master and that perfect moment of pain and pleasure. A lazy, slothful session of lovemaking. The perfectly modest girl who’s forced to get naked in public, exposing her lust for all to see. The jilted lover who’s come up with a way to take out her wrath in a way that’s sensual and surprising…
Kiss kiss bang bang, s.