Fake rosepetals. Just because.


So. Limited Net. This is a weird sensation, finding myself sometimes saying, “Well, what do I want to do NOW?”

I will say this: I miss the doodling around, the reading, not just of the junk stuff, but mainly of the good stuff. I forget how often I read things online that I love. My Monday morning ritual, for example, of seeing what new stories are up at Fantasy (Fantasty! There I go again!) Magazine and at Strange Horizons. None of that this week, when is more disappointing than I expected. I was thinking that in the future (meaning: After the week of netscaping), I might do something like limit myself to two hours a day with the web. But then I think that maybe I’m just as productive with the web, just in different ways. I tend to write in little bits and then surf and then write again. Now I’m writing-writing-writing, then spending my half an hour with email, then … doing something else, like baking. I think my brain really does have a designated stopping point, after which writing would just be the stupidest idea ever. Or maybe that’s just an excuse to read Looking for Group.

Either way, here’s What I Did Today:

  • I finished a story that I started writing in *chokes* … 2007. Well, I actually started writing it in 2006, then worked on it some in 2007 and never looked at it again. It’s scary, sometimes, to read a story that I wrote three or four years ago and to realize that my work might have been better then. We’ll see what my first readers say about it. But I think it’s actually pretty good. Of course, tomorrow, I’ll probably think it’s pretty bad.
  • Worked on another story. Didn’t get much done, but figured out a plot point. I think?
  • Worked on the novel. Bloody hellish thing that it is. But I had fun. Whoa.
  • I went back through my list of subbed stories and realized that I have a lot of stuff that’s been out there forever. Now it’s time to decide whether to pull and resubmit or to let rest for a while longer.
  • I started and almost finished a sex toy review that’s been on my to-do list for weeks and weeks.

It is hard to tell if I’m being more or less productive. Surely, I’m doing more writing each day (I think), but I can’t tell about the other stuff. My inbox is still half-full of things to take care of, and I didn’t even get a start on the non-fiction stuff today. So, there it is. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.