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As you may remember, I was signed up to teach my Sexy on the Page class in person at the Oregon Coast last fall, but it got postponed. Well, the class has been picked up again, and is off and running. If you live in or near Oregon and want to spend three days writing sexy, smart erotica whie having a blast with a group of fun, talented writers (that’s you too, in case you were wondering!), I hope you’ll consider joining us. We’re going to sleep, eat, talk and dream erotica for three whole days — no Internet, no chores, no responsibilites. Just a lot of loud laughter, good food and great writing!

From Oregon Writer’s Colony’s write up:

They wind up at her place. The fun begins. Is it slam, bam, thank you ma’am, or You’re writing a novel and you create a scene where a couple jumps in a car and drives  away, heading from a romantic restaurant to her apartment. You’ve had plenty of experience driving, so this straight-forward narration will be a piece of cake. Slow and romantic, take your time? Do the lovers writhe and grapple or talk and stroke?  Do they sprint to the bedroom or have a glass of wine first? Or should you keep it
simple? Rip off the clothes, sex on the carpet.

In the words of Shanna Germain, award-winning writer of erotica, “Sex is one of the hardest things to write well.” Join her and an intimate group of other writers at the romantic and sexy Colonyhouse, where she’ll lead you through the ins and outs of
writing erotica.

If you’d rather grapple with the intricacies on your own, don’t read any further.

Shanna will be the Writer in Residence at the Colonyhouse, where magical things happen, Friday through Sunday, Feb. 19-21.

Here are all the details, and the sign-up sheet as well. (This should download as a PDF for you, fingers crossed. If it doesn’t, feel free to email me and I’ll send you a copy!)

Shannagermain-WIR (1)

Hope to see you there!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“All art is erotic.” ~Gustav Klimt