Well, that was a week. I’m back to the Interwebs, for what it’s worth. I learned a lot from my week of chosen isolation: The main thing being that I get a lot of inspiration, support, ideas, friends, opportunities and interesting thoughts from being online. I missed those this week. So there’s the rub: Yes, I use the Internet as procrastination, but it’s creative procrastination (right? right? It’s all good for me, and I can quit anytime I want! Right? Blah.).

On the other hand, I learned that the inter-world continues to revolve even when I’m not on it. There’s nothing I’m missing that’s going to tank my career if I don’t check in every hour. I still get the in-jokes of Apple’s new MaxiPad, I know that the new season of Lost starts in a week, and I am aware of what’s going on in Haiti (I don’t have a TV, so the Internet is my news source typically — this week I’ve been reading the paper at the coffee shop instead). In fact, it reminded me that the best way to stay at the “top of the internet” (whatever that even means) is to continue writing the stuff I’ve been writing, and to do it as best I can. The rest, I do believe, will come (with a little help from websites, blogs and the like).

Everything in moderation, truly. I start teaching my new erotica-writing class on Monday, which I’m way psyched about and which will actually mean more time online, not less. And that seems like a good thing, a smart and positive use of the things that the web offers.

Fingers crossed, but it looks like there’s a lovely month-long writing retreat coming my way starting the end of February (I haven’t officially gotten it yet, but it’s looking good, so hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by writing this) and will have Internet during that time, but it will be -whispers- dialup. Which means that I’ll be down to the basics yet again — emailing, teaching, blogging. Only that time it won’t be self-imposed and it will be for four weeks instead of one. I might… just… die… Or I might just write a whole lot of great stuff!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Awesome web image from this artist.