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The Cougar Book is coming out soon — and I have an interview up at the Logical Lust blog today about my story, “Deep Waters,” which is included in the anthology.

From the interview:

What made you decide to submit your work for inclusion in The Cougar Book?

I would have to say that it’s because I’m officially A Woman of Cougar-ish Age. While I don’t fit the majority of the clichés—namely, the fancy pants that come in tiger stripes and the actual act of prowling for younger prey—I appreciate the sentiment. And while I know some women are up in arms about the term, “Cougar,” I think it’s about time that society has started to recognize that older woman are sexy, beautiful, and powerful. That knowledge seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way and I’m glad it’s returning…

Read the rest of the interview here.

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PS — Awesome image from Arline.