And, again, so we begin. I’m still sick, but I see the light and silence on the horizon. And tomorrow I head off for the gorgeous, creative space of Rockaway Beach, the Oregon Colony House and the Writer-in-Residence program. Three days of no ‘net and all writing, all the time.

Of course, if I don’t have a voice, I’ll be teaching by charades. Which should be interesting since it’s an erotica class. I already have my first pantomimed exercise planned out. Hehehe.

But not to worry — I shall return on Monday, reattaching myself to the internet and hopefully, my usual non-sick, bouncy, writerly self.

Non-contagious kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Awesome picture from this artist.

PPS — I have a Sunday Pleasures post set up to be posted automatically on Sunday morning. I’ve never done this with WordPress before so fingers crossed that it will actually work!