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Right. Exactly. I am doing just that. (PS: Get the cool ring here. It doesn’t open maps, but it might open conversations. You never know).



That’s what Tina Fey says in 30 Rock and I’m temporarily stealing it. Because I can. Because it’s akin to a swear word without being one. Because it’s one of those fantastic onomatopoeic words that sounds exactly like its definition.

Why the blarg? Because I’ve got a lot coming down the pipes: articles due, stories due, poems due, taxes due, classes to teach, a month-long novel-writing fellowship to prepare for, plane tickets to buy, a new living space to find

All of this makes me very very excited, actually. I like doing this kind of “up to no good” stuff! But it also makes me a little blargy because I’m spinning a lot of plates (and puppies and cups and saucers and motorcycles and electric flaming chainsaws) and all of that spinning’s making me a little dizzy.

I work best like this — my hands full, twirling like a dervish, doing the impossible — but I can’t keep it up for very long. I like to get things finished, crossed off my list, out of my hands. That’s what makes the whirling creature of productivity that is me possible.

At the moment, however, everything’s in mid-step and nothing can be finished, quite. So there is just this feeling of prolonged round-and-round. The top is either going to weeble-wobble over on her side or she’s going to throw up. Maybe both.

So my goal for the rest of the week is to finish the little things that can be accomplished: A few more submissions off, plane tickets purchased, taxes done, deadlines met. I don’t need to sit down and rest, but I do need to stop trying to keep forty things in the air. It’s getting impossible to keep them balanced and I may have to start catching them with my teeth. This is okay for taxes and e-tickets. Not so good for flaming chainsaws and carry-on suitcases.

What’s got you spinning these days? What kind of “no good” are you up to?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.