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From the talented and productive Sommer Marsden, a new call for submissions. I’m totally going to submit! You should too! Deadline is March 28!

Call for Submissions: Dirtyville

Small town life. You just never know what’s going on under the surface. What does the church pastor do with his afternoons? And what about the lady who cleans houses for extra money, what’s she doing in those empty houses all day long? That married stay at home mom sure needs a lot of repairs on her fixer upper. Repairs her husband apparently can’t do because she’s always phoning the handyman. And that school principal sure needs to call his secretary in a lot for help with his stubborn printer. The teacher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Picnics and crab feasts and church bazaars. There’s so much going on and everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. But do they? Do they really?…

Dirtyville: Thirteen Little Tales Of Sexy Small TownsDeadline: March 28th, 2010Word count: 300 word minimum/1,000 word maxsubmit to: hot4sommer@yahoo.com put DIRTYVILLE SUB and your title in the subjectformat: Arial 12point, double space, NO TABS (use your ruler bar!) for a .5 indent, Word doc or rtf will do*please follow the format or I will not read it, if you have questions about the format I’ve asked for, email me :)the no’s: no underage sex, no incest, no beasts of the field or forest or jungle, no non-consent…the usual.

Pay: There is no pay! I lied. There is pay. But I have no idea how much pay there is. I will be setting this up as a Kindle and offering on two other sites. I will do a 13 way split of the money quarterly. So you may get five, fifteen, fifty or no dollars at all. We simply will not know until we know. I will tell you that my private releases are selling. This is a matter of fun and trust. I take a chance on you, you take a chance on me. PAY WILL BE SENT OUT QUARTERLY. BASICALLY, WHEN THEY PAY ME…I PAY YOU! TADA! (everyone will obviously receive a pdf of the antho, too)rights: I ask for 3 months exclusivity from the release date and then you can sell anywhere you like. And I only ask for that because in this economy it’s nice to guarantee readers that at least initially, this is the only place they can read your work.—> Please note, there will only be 13 stories. So if you do not make it this time, chances are I will dip my toe into the insanity pool again, so there’s always next time. And…don’t take offense. I mean…13 stories. Hard to whittle it down to that but it’s a no-frills antho so short and sweet and hopefully, pretty damn dirty.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS — Awesome dirty shirt from scotthillart!