What was forbidden. Pieces of early censorship. According to YouTube: This short was made for the 2007 72 Hour Film Festival in Frederick, Maryland. All of the clips used in this film came from a reel of 35mm nitrate found in an old theater somewhere in Pennsylvania. The projectionist clipped these scenes to meet local moral standards of the time.


The Secret to Thinner Thighs, by Lauren Becker

The R Word, by Sung J. Woo

The Conflicted Existence of a Female Porn Writer, by Lynsey G.

June Cleaver Considers Being a Cat Whisperer, by Jill Crammond Wickham

Wordhustler (how the hell did I not know about this earlier?!)

In the Emperor’s Garden, by Jay Lake and Shannon Page

In Praise of Sexual Expression, by Susie Bright


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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