28|365 ||| golden rain

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Working away on the rewrite of my VBN (Very Bad Novel). I fell in love with this character when I first wrote the draft back in November of last year for National Novel Writing month, and although she’s turning out to be slightly different in the rewrite, I’m realizing that I’m still in love with her. She’s who I could be if I was always at my best and who I can be when I’m at my worst. She’s determined, unshakable, smart, kind, scared, running, yearning, lost, found, made broken and glued whole.

She moves through water and the world with the power of all that she is.

She’s making it easier to write this novel than I would have ever expected, and I’m going to owe her a big cup of coffee and a rainstorm as soon as I’m finished.

Kiss kiss rain rain, s.