Poetry-Like Things

Arlene Ang just rocks my socks, every single time. Gods, someday I will be a poet like her: The Boy Pretending to Be Dead.

I’m not usually a sucker for sweet poems, but this one touched something: Hope by Brendan Kennelly

Because I have parts of me that I want to ship off too: A Face Like an Imperfectly Shaven Tennis Ball, by Helena Bell

Poetry Like Vitamins: One A Day by Nancy Flynn

Sometimes the best ones are right in front of our faces: Lake Poem by Maureen Gibbon

Dante as Action Hero. Sort of: Abandon All Poetry, but Enter Hell With An Attitude


Sexy- & Funny-Like Things

Lower Case: submission by Charlotte Léon

An Oldie But Goody (And up for a Nebula Award): Spar by Kij Johnson

Totally Out of Time Context, But I Don’t Care: The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas at Tor


Here's to blasphemously enjoying your birthday cake this Passover

Because my birthday is coming up this week — good Friday to be exact — and because I was born on Easter Sunday, but my birthday has never ever fallen on Easter Sunday again (and maybe never will — I know I could look it up and see, but I don’t want to, in case it never does and that will squash my annual hope of again sharing a day with an overgrown pink rabbit, Cadbury creme eggs and fake plastic grass in neon colors). Have some cake for me this week!


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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